Saturday, December 31, 2011

Through HIM Ministry Yearly Report

2011 Through HIM Ministry Report &
2012 Through HIM Ministry Vision Summary

REPORT FOR 2011: This was a year of change for my family and I; We moved to a new town, we changed local churches & yes we even changed denominations, my wife and I became empty nesters with both our children off to college, my wife changed work schedules (for the better), and I became Men’s Ministry Director of our new local church. This does not include how awesome God was in blessing Through HIM Ministries this year.

With the help of four awesome men of God (Robert Harper, Gray Stanforth, Chuck Clevenger, and Ethan Allen) we formed a board for THM, the vision is to take the ministry to the next level of Ministry to Men over the next couple of years.  God has blessed me with some great opportunities this year; I preached for several friends of mine, hosted a Men’s conferences, spoke in breakout sessions at three men’s conferences this year, spoke at two local churches men’s retreats, spoke at three men’s breakfast/fellowships, and hosted one leadership training seminar. In addition to the speaking engagements this past year, we were also able to write an additional six workbooks/study-guides, and make regular post to our two blog sites. I was also given the privilege to assist five pastors (mentor) them in either developing or strengthening their local church Men’s Ministry.

VISION FOR 2012: I cannot wait to see what God is going to do; I was thinking this weekend, if I could have my vision or desire for THM and myself; it would be to host at least four Men’s Ministry Leadership Training Seminars this year,  to speak at least 12 churches, be a keynote speaker at least one Men’s Conferences, conduct breakout sessions for other men’s conferences, speak at men’s breakfast/fellowships and retreats throughout the year, continue to publish workbooks and study-guides that bless and encourage men, write relevant articles for our blog and other publishing outlets, and most importantly I’m asking God to give us 10 pastors/men’s leaders to encourage and assist in Ministering to their Men. We have also been asked to do an internet radio program on Men’s Issues, and related topic (this is in the planning stages now).
Please pray with us that God will use Through HIM Ministries and me and that God will use us as a tool/resource to assist pastors and men’s leaders to strengthen the men of their church to be the men of God in their family, church, and community. Pastor and friends if we can be of a blessing please let us know at  

Dr. Don Allen, Jr.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Men at the Manger!

                It is always fascinating to me that when we talk about the manger we focus only on two groups of men that came through the little door on that special morning - the Shepard’s and the Wise Men.  Of course we know that Mary and the baby Jesus was there.  However,  I believe that we miss some sufficient men that would influence the course of history by their presents that night. Let’s think about a few men that were around that night, or very close there upon. 

The first guy present that night was a man that had already been in the presents of God (the angel of the Lord had visited him), and he has agreed to be the step-father to King of King, Lord of Lords, and the “Great I Am.”  Now,  I don’t know about you but the thought of raising the Son of God would scare me. What if I made a mistake!,  what if I taught him the wrong thing!,  what if he could read my mind (like God can)!, what if something happens to Jesus!, what will God do to me?  Yet, Joseph sat there that night beside Mary, holding her hand, encouraging her, and takes part in the greatest miracle in history up to that time. We don’t know anything about Joseph as a father, beyond Jesus being 12 years old. The scripture is silent about the influence he had. However, I’m sure that it was significant. He held Jesus hands as he learned to walk, encouraged him to say his first word, watched over him playing in the field, helped him learn a trade, and maybe even taught him to read the scripture.  I have to say what a man, having raised two (what I believe) great children, I can only say I hope that can I do a good job.

The Second guy present that night was the Inn Keeper.   Please understand I know that the scripture does not say it was a man but provided the costumes of that time, it is a great possibility that it was. He is often criticized for his actions of not opening a room for Mary, but we don’t know all the details that happened that busy week with the census. I want to believe in my mind that throughout the night he was in and out of the manger, bringing the blankets, water, and maybe even kindling the fire. I’m not sure if there is remorse for not providing more or contentment that he had done all he could. But one thing would be clear, despite the lack of scriptural reference, his life was forever touched that night.

The third (Guys) was a group men that I view as the common man- - a group of shepherds working hard, providing for their families, and taking care of the sheep. As they were working, it says the angel of the Lord appeared and told them about Jesus’ birth.  They came running, they came to see, they came to worship!  Then they went and told everybody they could what they saw and heard that night. Can you image a group of shepherds being invited to the hospital to witness the birth of the Prince Charles or one of the Saudi Royal families? Not only was they invited, they were allowed to see Jesus up close and personal!

The Fourth (Guys) was a group of men that I view as the elite, educated, and of wealth. They traveled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to see Christ; they came bearing gifts worthy of a king --gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  However, what is amazing to me is that God knew the need and provided the needed resources for a trip to Egypt (to escape the killing spree of Herod).  Think about these men’s arrival in Bethlehem; it would have to rival that of Kings, or even the president. Everybody was talking about these guys. Yet, the scripture says, they came and worshiped the King!

The Fifth guy never saw the baby Jesus.  However, he attempted to change the course of history.  He rejected the legitimacy of Jesus being King of Israel.  Even though, he himself sat on the throne of Israel by appointment of the Roman government, and not birth right.  He was the first person to outright reject the Messiah.  He set out on a mission to stop the Christ from fulfilling the mission that God had set in motion.  He died never seeing the Christ, but would earn a spot as one of the most treacherous men in history all because he missed understanding the significance of Christ Birth.

As I close, I have a question today especially to men, which man/group best represents you?  Is it Herod?, The Wise Men?, The Shepard’s?, The Inn Keeper, or maybe you feel like Joseph? Regardless, understanding that we may not have been at the manger the first Christmas morning, this Christmas morning with it falling on Sunday will we be worshipping him in church --reflecting on the alter (manger), or will we be at the toys’ alter worrying about the batteries or if the clothes we bought fit, or will we just claim he doesn’t exist?

Remember gentleman … Jesus is the only Reason for the Season!!!!

We missed the debate of the Century!

Christopher Hitchens (1949-2011) has died to today at 62 years old, the self-proclaimed atheist with a passion to challenge the religious establishment across denominational, religious, and cultural lines. He is being exalted as a free thinker, honored as a humanitarian, remembered as a radical voice for the masses. He stood his ground for the beliefs he had, he made you stop and think about why you believed what you claim to believe, and he gave the Christian community something to criticize.
I will be honest I never agreed with Mr. Hitchens while he was alive about many things, and I sure did not agree with him about his position that God was a crutch, and figment of a weak mind, and those who believe in God where responsible for all the evils of the world.  However, I enjoyed watching him debate with those that believed they were his equal in intellect, and knowledge. He had a keen grasp of history, politics, and yes even religions. And the unique ability of making even the most educated person feel uncomfortable.
With all that said … (I know it could never have happened) I think the debate of the century would have been Christopher Hitchens, and fellow Englishman C. S. Lewis. For those that have never read C. S. Lewis, take time to read his awesome writings. Then compare them to what Christopher Hitchens wrote about God, and compare them both to the Scripture, and then let me know where you stand.
Sad to say good bye to such a great mind, writer, and challenger to the faith, but even harder to realize that he made a choice for eternity that will be forever wrong!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Instructing Men to be the Pastoral Theologian in their home!

Instructing Men to be the Pastoral Theologian in their home!
When we think of a Pastoral Theologian, I think of the old gray hair guy in front of the classroom who is so boring that I want to fall asleep. Having attended Bible College and went on to earn a PhD in Psychology and Christian Counseling, I’m now one of those gray haired professors standing in front of the room. However, let me tell you at 51 years old, and far from boring. I love the opportunity to share with Pastoral Students about how to be effective in their ministry to the body of Christ.  Gentleman, I consider myself a Pastoral Theologian, and in most of my teaching on the college level I taught courses around this subject Pastoral Theology. However, as a parent of a 21 year old daughter, and the father of 18 year old son who has been married to their mother for 25 years, I believe my first role is to be the Pastor of my home.
Pastoral Theology is generally the study of topics tend to include: homiletics, pastoral care, sacramental theology, ethics, and I personally have added witnessing (or evangelism) when I teach Pastoral Theology. Now I know that you are totally confused, and you’re asking the question; what is his logic in stating in the title Instructing Men to be the Pastoral Theologian in their home? It is very simple; I believe this is vital in how we teach men to lead their families in growing in their Christian walk.
Please give me just a moment to explain my thinking, we will look at each of the roles as a Pastoral Theologian and share how they are relevant to our position or role as the father of our home. The scripture clearly teaches the father is the head of the family, and their fore is responsible for the education and actions of the family, just as the pastor is the head of the local church and therefore responsible for what they learn and do.
·         Homiletics … is the preaching or teaching of the God’s word in a way that individuals will understand. Gentleman, it is our responsibility, not our wives, not the Sunday school teacher, not even that awesome Children’s Pastor. (Let me make a note here I was a Children’s Pastor for 7 years, and was very good at what I did. But nothing hurt me more than fathers that would drop their children off for children’s church, and never ask the child about the lesson for the week or help them prepare for the next week). As a father it is our role as the Leader of our home and as the Pastoral Theologian in our home to help our children learn from the word of God, learn how to apply the word to their lives, and take the child to the next level of study for their age to be the student of the word they should be. It is also our responsibility to encourage our wife, and give her the tools to grow in her Christian walk. This means that I have to be working further along in my Christian walk.

·         Pastoral care, with a degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling, I often get the statement “I’m not one of your clients” and that was very true she was my wife, and they were my children. However, I still have to be the supporting factor when they are dealing with times of crisis, stress, grief, loss, and etc. I have the shoulder they cry on, the listening ear when no one else is around, and I’m the answer man when no one else can give them what they need. Pastoral care is about giving warmth, compassion, empathy, and hearing what they have to say. Father, let me give you a fact that I live by. I carry my phone just about everywhere I go and I have a policy I will answer the phone for my children and wife no matter what. No disrespect to President Obama, but he takes 2nd place to them. Now let me also share I make it another policy to let them know that I’m in a meeting. So if they do call I know it is a reason that needs dads help and attention. That is Pastoral (FATHER) Care.

·         Sacramental theology, Teaching my children the relevance of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism, often times I would become frustrated when I sat to talked with children about Baptism; only to realize the father has been a member of the church for ten years, and has not even talked with his  child. In my role as dad I sat down with both of my children when they started to ask questions about Baptism and explained the importance of what it was and why we did it, when they started to ask about the taking the Lord Supper I again sat with them and explained what was happening, and helped them prepare their mind and heart for the event. I never allowed my children to take the Lord Supper just because other parents allowed their children to.

·         Ethics, Teaching the child how to act, what is right and wrong, and helping the child develop a solid set of values. With the number of fathers that are absent from the home today (and gentleman, I’m not talking about the deadbeat dads that is another blog post). I’m talking about the fathers that are working more than they should, focusing on other things, and missing out on their children growing up. Missing the opportunity to speak effectively into the lives of their children about what is wrong and right. Then wanting to yell at the teenage son, when he is caught cheating (by the way which he often learns from the dad, when he brags about getting away with cheating IRS or others), get mad when the teenager is arrested for disrespecting the police officer and resisting arrest (by the way he learned from us as we talked about the stupid officer, when he was writing us a ticket.) I have come to a conclusion, and it is not popular. When I get to heaven I’m going to be judged by what my kids learned: the good, the bad, and the ugly. So I better be the pastor of my home and be helping them learn only the Good from the Good Book.

·         Witnessing (or evangelism) Teaching them to share their faith with others. On more than one occasion I took my kids with me when I went to the hospital to visit a friend, or to visit a member of the church. I did this because I wanted them to learn the importance of sharing their faith. They have friends that are going to split Hell wide open, just like I do if I don’t tell them. However, if I don’t teach my children to share their faith, and be the witness that God would have them be; not only is the blood going to be on my child’s hands, it is going to be on my hands when God has to tell that individuals to depart from him because they never accepted Christ.
I’m proud to be the Pastoral Theologian in my home; I challenge you (the father) to take time to be the pastoral theologian in your home.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Essentials to Ministering to Men

How to have an Impactful Ministry to Men in your local church! Several years ago I was given the challenge of being the Men’s leader at a local church and the responsibility to take the lead in what would become the most challenging and rewarding ministry of my lifetime. In my experience I have found five essentials to Ministering to Men. These are the principles that I use daily as a Men’s Leader, and that teach in seminars throughout the Midwest. My prayer is that you will be blessed by these thoughts and encouraged in your ministry.
1.       Prayer: Prayer is the essential factor to the beginning and the continued success of any ministry; Ministering to Men is no different. I personally maintain a list of every man within our church and make it a point to pray for them weekly, dividing them over the Monday through Friday.  I pray for their personal needs, that they have wisdom in leading and being the spiritual head of their family, that they will continue to grow spiritually, and their testimony within the community will be that of a Godly man of Integrity.

2.       Purpose: If you don’t where you’re going, you will never get there.  As men’s ministry you have to decide if you’re going to be a breakfast club, just have activities, or a bible study; all of which are fine. However, clearly state your purpose for being. When I lead a Ministry to Men within a local church, my purpose is always the same:  develop men within their Christian walk to be the Man of God within their family, church, and community. Having a purpose gives you the direction and the ability to plan for the future.

3.       Plan: Plan for Success; men are generally leaders who plan for the success in their jobs. We plan our day, month, and year. We set goals and work at accomplishing them. Ministering to Men is no different; we need a plan.

4.       Person: The person who is in charge is responsible for the success or failure of Men’s Ministry within the local church I’m convinced that the main reason men’s ministry fail is the leadership, the individual who is in charge without a heart or vision for Men. The Man leading the this ministry needs to have three key factors in order to be successful as a Minister to Men:

1)      A desire to see men make a profession of faith in Christ.
2)      Educating and helping men become disciples of Christ of his word.
3)      Helping men to develop their skills and knowledge and to become active in serving Christ and their church.

5.       Pastor: Men’s Ministry is Lead by a Man within the church, and supported by the pastor. The pastor should not be the leader of the Men’s Ministry. The pastor needs to support the ministry, attend the fellowship events, share testimony of what God is doing in his life with the men, but be as just one of the men, learning and growing in his personal Christian walk.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Men Advancing Through HIM

As I have ministered to men over the years, I’ve noticed that men truly genuinely want to succeed at work, with their families, in their churches and personal relationships, and yes, even in their personal walks with Christ. However, the struggle today is that we often don’t know how.  I believe today more than any other time in history it is essential that men learn to Advance Through HIM.  When an Army begins to go into battle, there is always a preparation stage. They cannot advance on the battlefield until the logistics are taken care. Sadly, today we have Men attempting to advance in the battle of life without all the prerequisite logistics being taken care of.
It is so important that we take the teaching of Him (Christ) and apply it to our lives so that we can advance in the battle of life and be victorious as Men of God! How do we do that?
First we must learn to spend quality time with HIM - through our devotion, prayer, and ministry time. Too many men struggle to find a quiet place of personal encounter with HIM. We have so many demands of our time, children’s events, PTA meetings, etc. However the saying is true: “A week with Christ makes one weak.” I encourage you to find that quiet place. Even if it is just 15 minutes reading your Bible and praying for your family – it will change your life.
Second. family is a very important key to every man’s success. If you have failed in the house you have failed in life. Men have one primary responsibility as a Father/Dad: to raise your children to love the Lord. I’m so blessed that both my children love the Lord and are active in ministry today. We accomplish this by have three factors in our family. We pray with our children. We attend church as a family.  And third, we serve God together with our kids.
Third, victorious men are committed to a local church. I’m so tired of hearing men say they don’t have time for church. We have time for soccer games, Sunday afternoon football, work, family functions, and dozens of other things. Paul told us clearly to “Forsake not the assembling of ourselves together.”  The church is the refueling station of life for our spiritual walk. Church is the place of fellowship where we learn and are challenged and encouraged. Making time for HIM is not always easy, but our priority for eternity must be to learn to be with HIM.
Fourth, do others in the community know you’re a Christian? If not, you need to re-evaluate things. What is your testimony? Do your words and actions accurately reflect Jesus? What is your purpose in the community? The answer is quite simple. We are to be an example of HIM (Christ) and bring people to HIM.  When people see you do they see HIM or just another neighbor?
Fifth, what do you talk about at the water cooler at work? Do you talk about the latest rumor, the new staff member, the boss, or do you talk about HIM (Christ)?  I’m not talking about cramming religion down someone’s throat, but simply sharing what Christ is doing in your life.
Why do we fail in Advancing Christ? Very simply, we fail to do two areas. We fail to do the necessary preparation. We don’t study the logistic plan book (The BIBLE). Secondly, we don’t execute the battle plan (the Great Commission)! The Great Commission commands us to share the Good News of what Christ did on Calvary with everybody I can. I will miss those opportunities if I am focused too much on other things.
I love to read history, especially biographies, and I have noticed that almost all victories in war were not won by chance, or a twist of fate; they were won by superior logistics. Battles are won with all the right tools, the right people, the right planning, and the correct execution of the plan at the proper time. Those are the ingredients of a winning battle plan. They are also the keys to success in life. The right time to spend time with your family, church, talking to a member in the community, or praying, is not on your death bed … It is NOW!
Let’s ADVANCE for HIM and with HIM … and at the same time bring as many people along as we can!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflecting on my memories of 9/11 …

As I sit here reflecting back to ten years ago, it is hard to believe the horror and fear that swept the nation and world that morning. I sat at my desk here in Cincinnati, when my wife called and said someone flew a plane into the World Trade Center in NYC. I was in shock, and even considered that she was joking. However, soon I realized that it was no joke; it was the nightmare that hit to close to home. I remember standing with friends at work watching the second plane hit the tower, the Pentagon getting hit, and hearing of the plane crashing in Pennsylvania.  I remember to this day hearing the words come out of my mouth, “I wish there was something I could do.” God heard those words.
Three months later my family and I are visiting in NYC as a candidate for the position as Director of the Hope Center, a post 9/11 organization being put together by the Assemblies of God churches on Staten Island, to minister to the folks affected by that horrifying day. In May of the 2002 I would move with my family to Staten Island, NYC and for the next ten months would talk with people in person, and on the phone about that day that had become seared into their mind. I spent time at ground zero with a police officer that was only yards away when the first tower came down, watching people being crushed under falling debris and nothing he could do. I talked and prayed on the phone with a fireman that was at home in Long Island with the flu, who had called in sick that morning, realizing as he watched the news his engine company went into the tower and never came out. I spent hours standing at the gate of recovery zone, with a Salvation Army Major that had been one of the first counselors there to help counsel folks that morning.  For nine months I drove by Fresh Kills Garbage dump where the remains of bodies, and debris were separated remembering the smell, and the sights of watching the trucks pull away, stays clear in my mind.  I still talk with many of my friends, that were counselors at Ground Zero, as bodies were found, and responders needed to talk.
It has been ten years; I still hear the stories in my mind and realize that even with not being there in NYC on that day, it has affected my life in an enormous way.  Today I reflect on the memory, realizing that too many individuals were affected by an event that was motivated by hatred of a radical few. But that has affected millions around the world, even today.
As you reflect on today … 9/11 …
·         What is your memory of that day? 
·         As a Man or Women of God what have you learned from the event and the aftermath over the past ten years?
·         Has the nightmare of that day, drawn you and kept you closer to God than you were on September 10, 2001?

Monday, May 30, 2011



            Stephen had the unique opportunity to be first at a couple of things. Looking at the comments made about him in Scripture, I’m not sure he minded being the first at either. 
            He was chosen by the church of Jerusalem to serve as one of the first deacons. Deacons were gifted men who willingly helped the pastors/apostles handle what some would call the mundane jobs in the church – waiting on tables, visiting the shut-ins and maybe even cleaning up after the church event.
            However, just a short time later, we find Deacon Stephen preaching.  (Deacons, just like every other member in the church, are to be active sharing their faith.) People didn’t like his message.  Doesn’t that sound familiar even in today’s world? The Scripture says they took him and stoned him for the message he preached.
            Not only was Stephen one of the first deacons, he was also the very first Martyr for Christ. He knelt as a Man of Intensity for his faith and prayed that God would forgive them for their actions. 
            As we celebrate Memorial Day this year, let’s take time to remember not only the fallen heroes of our nation, but even more importantly let’s remember the fallen of heroes of the faith.  Everyday around the world, men and women die for their faith at the hands of individuals that don’t want to hear the Good News “Jesus Loves You”. And as Men of Intensity, we need to lift them up and encourage them with our prayers.

Friday, May 27, 2011



            The story of Jarius begins in Mark 5: 21 – 24 where this leader of the synagogue a man of intensity, and integrity comes asking Jesus to help his daughter. His daughter is sick and is going to die unless God does something. The story has a brief interruption, as Jesus heals the women with the issue of blood, and returns to the conversation between Jarius and Jesus in verse 35 – 43.  However, at this point Jarius is informed that it is too late and he should leave Jesus alone.  His daughter is dead.
            I love this Man of Intensity heart, I believe that his look to Jesus said it all “Please no” … and Jesus responded “Don’t be afraid, just believe” and as we progress with the story in verse 42 Jesus spoke and the girl stood up and walked around.  It say’s they were completely astonished. I’m not sure about you but I would be astonished too.

            Maybe our prayer should be “God don’t let me astonished by your miracles, let expect them daily”

Friday, May 20, 2011


Apostle John …

            It is often believed by most scholars that John was the youngest of the twelve disciples, and the one often referred to as the one Jesus loved some place John at about 15 years old when Jesus called him.  I can personally relate to this, because my personal call to the ministry came at age 13, and like John I have never looked back on that call.
            John was going to have an opportunity to see it all the teaching of Jesus both in a small group with the disciples, and the large grow do thousands, kneeling in front of the cross as his savior died, looking at in the empty tomb seeing the angels who proclaimed HE is alive, to watching Jesus ascending into heaven 40 days later, to the founding of the church, and out-pouring of the Holy Spirit.
            As I look at this individual story his conviction to stand firm in his belief that his friend Jesus, was truly the Son of the Living God and Savior. He even was faithful in the boiling oil, and exile to a small island with criminals on it.

            My question for myself today is … can I, could I, would I be able to stand the test and remain faithful though all this?  And my only answer can be like I believe John would be though the faith in God, and his blessing I can.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Andrew ... Man of Intesity

Apostle Andrew …

            The first of the Twelve Apostles, and outside of the list of the Twelve and the few times he is mentioned with his brother Peter he is only mentioned three times.  However, what is significant about this Man of Intensity is that when mentioned he is doing the same thing every time.  He is bringing someone to a personal relationship with Christ (in the church today we call it “Soul winning”). Notice the three references to Andrew outside of the being mention with the other apostles.

´        John 1:41 … Andrew found his brother Peter and brought him to a personal relationship with Christ.
´        John 6: 1-14 … Andrew found a young boy with food, to feed the five thousands.  However, my personal belief is that Andrew was more concerned about the young meeting Jesus than feeding the people.
´        John 12: 20-26 … Andrew brings the Greeks to meet Jesus, after others were reluctant to do so.

It is clear that Andrew was a Man of Intensity and had a heart to see individuals come to Christ in a personal way.  It was true back then that more people are going to Christ through the personal interaction of one individual than all the televangelist, and pastor combined. 

A closing thought or question … Who is on your list to bring to Christ, and what have you been doing to get them?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Zachariah ... Man of Intensity

Zachariah … the father of John the Baptist:

Luke 1: 5 - 25

            This gentleman is clearly a cornerstone of what it is to be a Man of Intensity for God.  He has spent his life serving God, daily in the temple. He new the Law of Moses as well as anybody, and expected God to fulfill the promises of the Old Testament about a coming Messiah.  However, like most of us he did not expect to be a part of the promise.
            As you read the unfolding of this great man encounter with God (the angel of the Lord), you realize that his relationship to God was special.  He had a heart to seek after the righteousness of God. However, he also was skeptical as many of us are especially when the Angel of the Lord told him that his barren (couldn’t have children) wife, who was also old, was going to have a child.
            I believe that even today as there was with Zachariah, there is an expectation from God when he blesses each of us with the miracle of having a child.  As Men of Intensity, we need to take a serious look at the expectation.
*      We have an obligation to teach the child of the things of God.
*      We have an obligation to meet that child needs daily.
*      We have an obligation to provide safety for that child

Zachariah met these needs of his son John and history clearly shows us the world was blessed by the conviction, teaching, and encouragement that Zachariah bestowed to his son.

As I close today … What conviction, teaching and encouragement have you bestowed into your child’s life this week?      

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

As I sit tonight and reflect on today (Good Friday)  I understand that it was actually the greatest day in history, because it was this day that settled the fact for each of us that we can know without a doubt we are loved and THROUGH HIM we will spend eternity in heaven... Thank you Jesus for loving me so much!
A preacher I once heard preached, the pastor said “it is Friday, Jesus died, Jesus paid for my sin, and Jesus showed how much he loved me! BUT SUNDAY IS COMING, Jesus will defeat the devil, Jesus will prove he is God, and Jesus will seal our salvation experience” I don’t know if is this direct quote … but we get the idea.
From today (Good Friday) through Sunday (Easter) … everything about our salvation experience comes to light … Jesus love me and you, and paid for our sin, and, sealed us till day that he comes if we will love him with all our heart!
I wish you all a wonderful Good Friday and a fabulous Happy Easter … May your relationship with Christ be so wonderful that you know that you will be raised to heaven to spend eternity with him.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Study/Discussion Guide

The Release/publication of our 43 Study/Discussion Guide:
“A Thinking Man’s Guide to the Lord’s Prayer”
I would like to have the opportunity to discuss with you how I can partner with you to Reach, Teach, and Develop Men with the church.
As you know over the past several years God has blessed me with the opportunity to write and publish 43 workbooks, study/discussion guides on various topics from grief, addictions, pastoral theology, and our Thinking Man’s Guide (Series). I have published them online free for folks to download, and have e-mailed a copy to our friends throughout the world to forward to their friends and even print for the members of their church. I have set my sites on publishing at least 100 workbooks, and/or study/discussion guides in my life time. I have also been writing two books that will be published hopefully by the end of this year or early next year, to aid Men's Leaders and Pastors in Ministering to Men! God has also blessed me with the opportunity to minister in churches, Men’s conference, conduct Men’ Leadership Conferences, and mentor several Men’s Leaders in developing a successful Ministry to Men within their church.
As you pray for Through HIM Ministries, I would ask that you would consider a gift to help carry out the vision that God has given us to uplift and challenge men throughout our churches, city, nation and world.
If you can help with a gift please send it to Milford Assembly of God, 1301 State Route 131, Milford , Ohio 45150 , and place THM in the memo line!

Rev. Don Allen, Jr.
Through HIM Ministries

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Saturday, March 26, 2011


The Man Thing …

Introduction: Men have a vision of what it is to be a man, it is based on three separate but unique philosophies, and the goal is to see what make us the Man we are! The MAN THING!

1)                  The World philosophy
·         Success
·         Fame/Recognition
·         Power/Authority
·         Money

   Every man is looking for Success, fame, and power it is apart of our normal male makeup.
Ø  From the gang member wanting to be the leader of the gang, to his talking about the number of people he has killed.
Ø  To the office worker looking for the next promotion, to all the display of accomplishment on the wall in our office.
Ø  To toys in our driveway, we want success and people to know we are successful.

2)                  The Churches philosophy
·         Teaching/Preaching
·         Active at something within the church
·         Controlling
·         Leadership

   The church philosophy is simple, walk and talk like me! Unfortunately we are not always the best example or nor men getting the best example from us. We are taught your not a good Christian unless you can sing in the choir, teach a small group, pray in public, and sit at least two boards.

The one we should be striving for!

3)                  God’s philosophy
·         Humble
·         Teachable
·         Useable
·         Lead able
·         Praying
·         Accountable

Great example of the Man Thing is found in
Luke 5: 17-26 ….

Four (4) unique men where present, the same time of men present in our church, community, and families today!

1)                  A man (the paralytic) that needed a touch from God …
2)                  A man (the friends) that wanted to see another man blessed …
3)                  A man (the Pharisees – religious fool’s) that wanted to judge and criticize what God was doing …
4)                  A Man (Jesus) that wanted to touch every man present …

The Invitation Question!

Which one are you? …. We know that we are not going ever to be Christ, so which one?

Needing a touch?
Wanting to be a blessing?
A religious fool, and missing it all?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How will you answer the question?

Is the Holy Spirit in Residence?

There is POWER in Acts 1:8…. It reveals a awesome force that a great majority of our Christian counter parts are missing in their very lives.   That is the very presence and power of  the Holy Spirit.   We find that God in his form of the Trinity allowed each personage of God to take on the role of a specific part of the human race.   God fortold itin Joel 2:28-32)

I.     God the Father planned our existence and salvation.
II.  God the Son willingly laid down his life for our salvation
III. God the Holy Spirit took up residence in our life, and keeps out the burglar. 
(I Peter 5:8 …  “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, about seeking whom he may devour)
A. The Holy Spirit stands there in the door and sounds the alarm and set of the warning (conviction) 
B.  Sealed us…. (Eph. 1:13 and 14)  This is the Holy Spirit give us assurance of God’s ownership of our lives.  He holds the deed to our hearts, until Christ return.  (II Corith. 1:21-22)

                Today I would like to talk about the Authority of the Holy Spirit to keep the Devil out if we will allow him.  The Holy Spirit is given three (3) specific task in the lives of a Christian.

1.Convict of Sin   (John 16:8-11)
A. Holy Spirit reveals the need
B.  Holy Spirit reveals the answer
C.  Holy Spirit reveals the way

2.Indwell us (I Corithians 6:19)
A. Take up resistance and living space in our heart
B.  Reveals things that should be thrown out
C.  Is always a perfect house guest… It is totally up to you.

3.Proclaims the Gospel through us (Acts 1:8)
A. Enables me to speak with Authority (Acts 4:33)
B.  Paul at the throne of King Harod.
C.  God gave the prophets the message, and power (authority)
     1.       Nathan telling David he Sinned with Bethseba.

          When we as believer allow the Holy Spirit the central place of our heart…. Allowing him to clean house of the dirt and cobwebs  some wonderful things take place.  We learn to:

I.     Be of Christ like Character (Gal. 5:22-23)
II.  Worship and Praise (Eph 5:18-20)
III. Submissive (Eph. 5:21)
IV. Committed to Service (John 7:37-39)

          If Jesus came to visit in your house were would you have him sit?   Outside, in the oldest and most uncomfortable chair, maybe on the floor.  Where would he sleep?   On the old roll away bed, On one of the kids beds,  maybe just sack out in a sleeping bag in the living room.  I personally don’t think so, he would sleep in my bed, eat of my best dishes, and sit in my best chair, and have the best of everything I have.  Except he can’t have the best of my heart ….. because that private and personal.

          Have you let him take up residence in your heart?

1.   He has the Authority
2.   He will give you that same Authority
3.   He will not force himself in
4.   However, he will always provide the great part of the experience.  You can never out give Him.

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