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 As a Minister, Counselor, and Chaplain I’m often asked the question “Can Christians be depressed and is it even Biblical for a Christians to be depressed?” In the short book “Christian Coping with Depression” we look at this question and seek to find answers. Please take time to check it out and recommend it to the folks within your church.

                I was asked by a fellow writer “Who is your audience” … Friends, the audience I seek to reach and minister to through my writing is the members of your church, helping them to understand that God loves them and there is help for them even in their depression, and also how we can impact others that may be depressed.

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Written by my Great Uncle Ed Seely, shares the tools to be a great soulwinner and how to bring people to Christ!

This study-guides helps men understand how to be a Ma of Valor in their community, church and most importantly home.

THE MINISTER AND THE COMMUNITY : How the Minister should act!

The following short booklet written by Dr. Woodrow Wilson the 28th president of the United States in 1912 the same year he was nominated as the Democratic Presidential candidate. He would win that year and serve two terms as President. However, after reading this short booklet I’m convinced in my heart as a pastor, educator, and lover of Pastoral Theology that this is his greatest accomplishment.

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HOMILY OF SAINT GREGORY the GREAT on PASTORAL OFFICE was a blessed with the wisdom and teaching of being Christian leader. Please understand there are many things that some will never agree with Pope Gregory on when it comes to doctrine, and the teachings of the Catholic Church butclearly, this great sermon/teaching is worth studying.

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A study-guide on the topic of church leadership, especially by our friends in countries such as India, Pakistan, and Africa. They have shared the need for a simple, yet very practical study-guide to help train their leadership (pastors, assistant pastors, elders, and deacons) on how to lead the ministry/church God has given them.
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